Joseph Burnstein

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Joseph Burnstein
Founder & CEO
+1 866 606 2782

In 2003, Mr. Joseph Burnstein established Aquatica in Calgary, Canada to offer bathers the ultimate spa-experience. Mr. Burnstein brought together Italian designers, Latvian craftsmen, and Canadian engineers to develop luxurious, high-tech and pragmatic bathtubs and bath furniture. These products are designed to be stylish, user-friendly and address consumer needs.

Mr. Burnstein launched Aquatica's manufacturing site in Latvia in 2018, to take control of production and ensure the highest quality possible. Having worked in the industry for almost 20 years, Mr. Burnstein understands the importance of quality and service for brand reputation.

He is passionate about Aquatica's customer centric philosophy ensuring that our customers always receive the care and attention they truly deserve.