Heating Compatible Bathtubs

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Heating Compatible Bathtubs

Heating Compatible Bathtubs

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Aquatica Tranquility Inline Water Heating And Recirculation System For Bathtubs

Whether you are planning to purchase a simple Aquatica soaking bathtub, Relax air-massage bathtub or HydroRelax hydromassage bathtub, Aquatica offers you to add the Tranquility water heating and recirculation system to most of our models and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a hot and quiet bathtub. Unlike so many other competitors in the market, we are proud to offer our Tranquility inline heating system fully integrated with our freestanding bathtubs .

In fact, Aquatica has created a new category of bathtubs with hot tub like water temperature control, which we proudly call Aquatica bathtub appliances.

Our Tranquility bathtub appliances use sophisticated proprietary hot-tub like electronics combined with electrical inline heaters, industrial grade sensors and miniature recirculation and ozonation system to maintain, purify and adjust bath water temperature. 

Unlike the primitive products dumped in the market by countless “me-too” competitors, the innovative Aquatica Tranquility inline heating system has its own dedicated plumbing circuit and not just activated by the main hydromassage pump. This allows you to enjoy and hot tranquil bath. 

110V (US/Canada/Mexico/Japan) Tranquility System

The 110V Tranquility system features a heating system with temperature sensors pre-set to 104°F (+40°C), so the bather can enjoy the bath longer without a need for a frequent adding of hot water. The 110V Tranquility systems are excellent at maintaining the water temperature but NOT intended for adjusting the water temperature upwards. There is simply not enough power.

220V (Europe & International) and 208-240V (US/Canadian/Mexico) Tranquility System

The 220V and 240V Aquatica Tranquility system is state of the art with functionality that resembles a hot tub.

First, it features our signature temperature adjustment system with +/- functionality. Secondly, its industrial-grade temperature and flow sensors will activate the heating system automatically when the temperature drops 1°C below the user’s set the desired temperature.

Despite its power (heaters are available from 2kW to 3.6kW), Aquatica Tranquility is ultra-quiet and quietly recirculates, heats and ozonates the water, with just a negligible visible disturbance to the water.

Aquatica Heating Compatible bathtubs are either bathtubs with our Tranquility Heating & Recirculation system already preinstalled or those where the heating system could be added upon demand. Please refer to our bath configurator under each model to add the heating option that suites your needs.

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