Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding Bathtubs – the Centrepiece of Great Bathroom Design

Freestanding baths are a wonderful choice for any bathroom.

For good reason. Stand-alone bathtubs deliver on so many points, from the stylish visual impact they make to the flexibility of placement within the bathroom; the design possibilities achievable and the evocation of luxurious indulgence they immediately create. 

A Bathtub Style for Every Décor

Recognizing the enormous versatility of a freestanding bathtub, Aquatica’s designers have met the challenge with a comprehensive range of shapes, styles, and sizes of the bath to meet every requirement. All crafted using the quality patented materials and craftsmanship of Aquatica’s team.

This gives designers and homeowners the ability to choose from over sixty different freestanding bathtubs to create the exact mood desired. 

Let’s look a little closer at the options.

Bath Sizes From Small to Extra Large

The first consideration when buying a standalone bath is the size of your bathroom. What space do you actually have?  Generally, a freestanding bathtub will take up more room than a built-in model, but even in the smallest of bathrooms, there are a number of ways you can achieve the luxury of a larger tub. Freestanding baths such as Aquatica’s brilliant True Ofuro Japanese tub have a small footprint – the Mini Ofuro is just 43 x 43”, yet cleverly delivers a full, deep soaking experience.

Stand-Alone Bathtubs With Room for Two

At the other end of the scale, Aquatica’s larger stand-alone tubs measure up to 74” in length – plenty for room for two. These include tubs such as the Tulip Grande, the Infinity or the Gloria, which is the longest oval-shaped freestanding bath available in the market.

The Bath Form to Fit

One of the pleasures of a freestanding bathtub is that it can take on many forms. Unlike a built-in bath which generally has to conform to the straight edges of walls, freestanding tubs come in a wide range of shapes – square, oblong, oval, round -  and sizes to suit your bathroom dimensions and décor mood.   

Take the Allegra for example – a spacious circular stand-alone tub, the oval Lullaby with its lovely flowing curves; maybe you would like a more classic form such as the elegant Sensuality, the boat-shaped Purescape 171 or the Luna.

Perhaps you prefer a classic mode with a more elegant style of bath. Or a Grecian-inspired tub such as Aphrodite or Olympian. Edgy urban contemporary; sinuous and organic shapes redolent of nature in your home, or the drama of black solid stone, solid wood or concrete….anything is possible when you buy a freestanding bathtub from Aquatica.

There is even a stunning triangular model – Trinity, softly curved and finished in beautiful High Gloss White or silky smooth to the touch VelveX™. All in a range of prices to suit your budget.

State-of-the-art Bathtub Methodologies

All Aquatica bathtubs are made using quality, technologically advanced materials and craftsmanship. All are designed using state-of-the-art principles of ergonomics for superior comfort and well-being. Aquatica’s experienced designers also focus on those important technical aspects of a freestanding tub such as insulation to ensure maximum water heat retention.

Aquatica’s patented manufacturing materials give you even more choice. Beautiful, functional AquateX™ solid surface mineral and resin composite high-performance cast stone, available in white - high gloss, matte, solid surface stone or VelveX™ - to NeroX™ black, sandstone and concrete. 

Aquatica also employs premium-grade Lucite Acrylic for its versatility, ability to be formed into a wide range of shapes, lighter weight, durability, and ease of cleaning. Other freestanding bathtubs in the range are made from LegnoX™ resin-impregnated natural wood - True Ofuro or Karolina, or EcoMarmor cutting edge cast stone composite for tubs like the Nostalgia and Piccolo.

Refine Your Selection With Exterior Freestanding Bathtub Colors

For those wanting even more design flexibility and décor impact, selected models offer the impact of a solid-colored bathtub exterior - black, brown, blue, green, carbon, gunmetal, red and gold, made even more emphatic by their pristine white interiors.

A Bathtub That Creates the Centrepiece of Your Bathroom

Nothing says luxury quite like a freestanding tub. The tub you choose will take pride of place in your bathroom and create that feeling of sanctuary that makes your bathroom uniquely personal. It sets the stage for the rest of the bathroom décor and makes a statement about who you are.

Adding Luxury to Your Freestanding Tub

Having achieved near perfection in your new bathroom, there are just a few final touches you can add to increase your pleasure, tranquillity, and revitalization, such as the Relax Air Massage system, HydroRelax Pro Jetted Massage, and the Tranquillity built-in water heating system.

Aquatica also offers a range of accessories which add to the charm and functionality of any freestanding bath such as crafted wood bath trays, floor mats and stools for egress and benches for storage.

What Cost a Freestanding Bathtub?

Aquatica freestanding tubs are all about quality, using high-grade materials for longevity and the latest design technologies and are priced accordingly. But again, the comprehensive Aquatica range also offers a wide range of prices so you can select the price tag the best fits your bathroom plan.  

The best starting point is to view all the many free-standing bathtub options of style, form, size, color, add-ons, and prices online, now to create the bathroom of your dreams.