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Extra Deep Soaking Tubs To Ensure The Best Full-Body Soak

If you love to completely submerge your entire body in the bath, then explore Aquatica’s impressive selection of extra deep soaking tubs and bathtubs for sale online. Aquatica offers a diverse variety of extra deep tubs with the best ergonomic design for ultimate comfort and support, making sure you find the right bathtub to make your bathing dreams come true. Available to buy in different shapes, sizes, styles, colors and prices, you will certainly find the best extra deep tub to fulfill your personal needs, bathroom decor and design requirements. 

What Is An Extra Deep Soaking Tub?

The idea of sitting and soaking in a tub filled with hot water derives from Japan. Japanese soaking tubs are a current bathing trend, as it allows you to completely submerge your whole body. Soaking tubs are a great option, if you would rather sit and soak rather than lie back. A soaking tub is deeper than the average bathtub. This type of bathtub features enough space and depth to allow the bather to fully submerge the entire body in warm water. This ensures a truly relaxing and enjoyable soaking experience. Aquatica offers extra deep soaking tubs for sale online for a reasonable cost, which are deeper than most other soaking tubs on the market. Extra deep soaking tubs are also great for taller bathers. 

Do You Need An Extra Deep Bathtub?

If you’re wondering whether you really need an extra deep bathtub or soaking tub, the answer is probably yes. It is important to buy a bathtub that allows you to enjoy a full-body soak in order to completely relax, and reap the therapeutic benefits of submerging your entire body in warm water. 

What Is The Deepest Bathtub?

Most bathtubs, which are imported from Asia tend to be approximately 13-15" bottom to overflow. Soaking tubs should offer a depth of at least 17-18" or more to allow you to submerge your whole body. Aquatica’s deepest bathtub is the Baby Boomer 2 Walk-In Bath featuring exterior dimensions (in) 54.25 L x 34.25 W x 42.5 H and depth to overflow drain (in) 30. The Japanese True Ofuro series also offer extra deep soaking tub options allowing you to enjoy a traditional Japanese sit and soak experience. 

What is The Difference Between A Hot Tub & An Extra Deep Soaking Tub?

Sit and soak style tubs provide a very similar experience to hot tubs, but most soaking tubs and extra deep bathtubs on the market do not create whirlpool bubbles and lack hydromassage technology. Aquatica is an industry leader in designing extra deep bathtubs with therapeutic technology, allowing you to create an exclusive home spa sanctuary in your bathroom.

A Wide Variety Of Extra Deep Bathtubs

  • Japanese Soaking Tubs: The Aquatica True Ofuro solid surface bathtub is compact, deep and includes a built-in seat. The True Ofuro’s well-thought-out design allows the bather to sit upright in a comfortable position. This not only benefits posture, but also provides congestion relief for bathers who suffer from sinus conditions or colds. This modern adaptation of the traditional Japanese tub features a water depth to the overflow of 26" for the single bather model, and 27.75" for the two bather True Ofuro Duo model. Aquatica offers different styles of Japanese extra deep soaking tubs, including wooden soakers, heated soaking tubs with chromotherapy and hydromassage jets , and narrow soaking tubs such as the Tue Ofuro Nano to fit through any tight doorway. 
  • Extra Deep Accessibility-Friendly Bathtubs: Aquatica’s Baby Boomer 2 is the only modern solid surface walk-in bathtub on the market. This beautiful freestanding tub is our deepest bathtub, providing bathers of all ages and mobility levels with easy access, comfort and  support, so they can enjoy the best sit and soak experience. It can be equipped with advanced therapeutic options, including bubbles, hydromassage and chromotherapy LED lights. 
  • Extra Deep Round Bathtubs: If you're looking to buy a round bathtub with extra depth, then take a look at the Pamela and Aura bathtubs. The Aquatica Aura bathtub features dimensions of 63 L x 63 W x 27.5 H and depth to overflow drain (in) 19.75. This stunning tub is available to buy online in white, black, or gold. The extra deep round Pamela bathtub features exterior dimensions (in) 68 L x 68 W x 29.5 H and depth to overflow drain (in)    20.5. This extra deep round bathtub is available to buy in soaker, hydromassage or airmassage models
  • Art Nouveau Bathtubs: Extra deep bathtubs featuring Art Nouveau inspired aesthetics effortlessly combine the decadence of a deep, vintage soaking tub with a sleek, modern appeal and unmatched soaking depth of 19.75 inches. Aquaticas' Lillian bathtub is a great example of this type of deep bathtub with a spacious interior. 
  • Extra Deep Heated Bathtubs: Deep bathtubs featuring a hot tub style water temperature control system and temperature adjustment function allow you to create your very own home spa experience. In addition to water heating, circulation, and ozone purification, this advanced product line features a chromotherapy system and Bluetooth music system for your ultimate enjoyment.

Top 6 Factors To Consider When Buying An Extra Deep Bathtub

  1. You should first consider the NET bathing depth. This is the distance from the inner bath bottom to the overflow opening. Soaking bathtubs are designed for long, comfortable soaks, so they must be deeper and more comfortable.  It is important to research the company that is importing, designing, and manufacturing the bathtub.
  2. It is important to research the company that is importing, designing, and manufacturing the bathtub. Most bathtubs for sale, which are imported from Asia tend to be approximately 13-15" bottom to overflow. Be careful of Asian importers who sell low price products of unclear origin with no design or engineering. Make sure the bathtub is not made of toxic or uncured chemicals. On the other hand, European manufacturers tend to specialize in selling shallow designs that are not suitable for the North American market. Also, beware, that not all Italian bathtub brands are the actual manufacturers, so do your homework first and ask questions!
  3. You should also look for useful guides and sophisticated 3D testing tools such as the Aquatica Bath Seating App. You can create an avatar to match your body type, allowing you to test-ride the product. 
  4. Always make sure your doors, stairs and passages are wide enough to bring the bathtub to its intended location inside the house or complex. 
  5. Ensure you have enough structural floor support for your new and very deep bathtub. As a rule of thumb, the floor under the bath must provide sufficient support for a minimum of 1400 lbs. (635 kg).
  6. Make sure you have a good hot water supply. As a rule of thumb, the hot water tank should be 70% of bathtub capacity or higher.

Extra Deep Soaking Tub Options & Accessories

True Ofuro Safety Step

The Aquatica True Ofuro Safety Step is a smart and stylish accessory for the True Ofuro Japanese Soaking Bathtub series. The special safety step is the best solution for accessibility, making it easier for bathers to enter and exit the extra deep tub. This is a simple and more fashionable alternative to installing steps or recessing the tub into the floor. Carefully crafted from high-quality wood , the True Ofuro step is available to buy in either American Walnut or Teak. The step is recommended for older people or individuals shorter than 5’ ½ ”. 

Wooden Bathtub Tray

The Aquatica bathtub tray is fashionable and functionable accessory for extra deep bathtubs. This enhances the soaking experience, allowing you to read a book, have a drink or watch a movie. Carefully crafted from only the finest solid wood, the bathtub tray is available to buy online in American Walnut, Iroko, Golden Iroko and Teak. The natural beauty of the solid wood perfectly complements Aquatica’s extra deep bathtubs. 

Soaking Tub Covers

Designed for Aquatica’s True Ofuro series Japanese soaking tubs, the protective cover is made of a premium polythene synthetic leather . This stylish accessory for extra deep soaking tubs features real leather aesthetics and softness. The cover is also durable, VOC free, cruelty-free and easy to clean. Providing ultimate protection all year round, this high-performance cover can be used indoors and outdoors. 

Advantages Of Deep Bathtubs

  • Extra depth for a full-body soak
  • Better heat retention for a long warm bath
  • Provides a truly therapeutic spa experience
  • Ultimate comfort and support for the whole body
  • Suitable for all heights, even very tall bathers 

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