Modern bathtubs

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Modern bathtubs

Modern bathtubs

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Modern Bathtubs

As homeowners constantly are seeking to increase the values of their houses, many are spending considerable amounts in sprucing up their bathrooms. While this might not be an unpopular choice to some, a dramatic, yet inviting bathroom always provides that element of a pleasant surprise to any visitor. Modern bathtubs, complementing contemporary designs of your bathroom give that added drama.
The best way to express your modern or contemporary style is to select modern bathroom fittings and fixtures such as washbasins, vanities, and bathtubs. Today bathroom fittings and fixtures are available in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors to fit the most up-to-date, modern bathrooms. 

Aquatica's Selection of Modern Bathtubs

Aquatica offers a wide selection of modern bathtubs. Our modern bathtubs come in different designs and sizes. Modern bathtubs are available in either acrylic or in a variety of composite materials. Our proprietary solid surface composite AquateX ™ is highly durable, pleasant to touch, warm and easy to maintain.

Composite Materials Used to Manufacture Modern Bathtubs

Aquatica's lightweight composite DurateX ™ is used to manufacture our lightweight modern bathtubs and hot tubs, is a modern composite material that consists of lightweight composite fabrics bonded with polyester resins and acrylic modified 100% NPG/Isophthalic Polymer backbone that provides for excellent performance under direct sunlight, salty water and variety of outdoor weather conditions. All composites materials used in the manufacturing of our DurateX™ modern bathtubs are formulated to meet our goal to manufacture high quality/high-performance bathtubs and hot tubs.

AquateX™ Solid Surface for Modern Freestanding Bathtubs

The silky-smooth, soft-touch surface of AquateX™ has the look and feel of natural stone that makes it particularly attractive for use in the freestanding bathtub manufacturing. What’s more is that the material has a uniform, homogeneous structure throughout and can easily be touched up to restore the original finish. Depending on the specific model it is available in white satin and/or white glossy finishes.

Aquatica Freestanding Acrylic Modern Bathtubs

Aquatica freestanding acrylic modern bathtubs are lightweight yet very sturdy and well-built and are generally less expensive offering excellent price-performance for budget-conscious buyers. Unlike, various shoddy Asian imports, our acrylic tubs are all made using Coremat® polyester nonwoven with excellent resin impregnation resulting in remarkable stiffness of our acrylic freestanding bathtubs.

Repair of Aquatica Freestanding Modern Tubs

Aquatica freestanding tubs are easily repairable, should scratches or cracks ever occur.

Our WEB site guarantees a selection of modern bathtubs so you will not be limited to what is available from your local store. When you buy modern bathtubs online from us, you have a wide array of options for many different modern bathtub styles and you will be sure to find the modern bathtub that fits your needs and style.

Soaking in a modern tub after a long working day is our favorite part, therefore we want to bring originality and functionality into your bath space too. 

Our large selection of modern tubs includes modern clawfoot tub, modern freestanding tub, and modern soaking tub, and we guarantee you will find the tub of your dreams, coming with color and material that perfectly fits your bathroom. 

Striking silhouettes, easy installations, flexible positioning, and premium materials characterize Aquatica's modern bathtub range. 

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