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If you're looking to buy an inground spa for your garden, terrace or yacht, then it’s time to discover Aquatica’s exclusive selection of inground spas for sale online. Designed to enhance wellbeing, our luxury underground hot tubs are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and feature state-of-the-art underwater massage and chromotherapy technology. 

What Is An Inground Hot Tub?

An inground spa is a special type of hot tub, which is built into the ground like a swimming pool. An outdoor inground spa can be installed fully submerged into the ground or partially exposed above the ground. The main difference between an outdoor inground spa and a freestanding hot tub is that built-in tubs are permanent fixtures, which cannot be moved. Inground hot tubs and spas are also easier to get in and out of compared to the freestanding spa. Most inground hot tubs for sale do not feature enough jets. Luckily, Aquatica solved this issue by designing inground spas with plenty of jets and hydrotherapy technology, delivering a truly therapeutic spa experience.

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Best Reasons To Buy A Luxury Inground Hot Tub Spa

  • Adds A Luxurious Appeal
    Outdoor inground hot tubs present the wow-factor, improving the overall appearance of your outdoor space and enhancing your property’s value.
  • Increases The Property’s Value
    Inground hot tubs and spas enhance a property’s value by providing the outdoor space with an element of luxury, entertainment and therapy. 
  • Unlimited Design Opportunities
    Extremely versatile, underground hot tubs provide a wide array of outdoor design opportunities and can easily blend into any existing outdoor theme or decor. 
  • Easily Accessible
    Underground hot tubs are easier to access than freestanding spas. Suitable for all mobility levels, individuals can easily enter and exit the hot tub inground pool.

Health Benefits Of Inground Hot Tubs 

Downtown Hydromassage System Layout Control (web)

Hot water immersion for medicinal purposes dates back to Ancient times, as it is known to relax both the body and mind. Aquatica’s inground hot tubs and spas take this form of therapy to the next level, thanks to special wellness technology such as hydromassage jets and chromotherapy lighting. Hydromassage jets deliver a therapeutic deep tissue massage, offering a wide variety of health benefits, such as relieving stress, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, muscle pain and improving blood circulation. Chromotherapy enhances the hydromassage spa experience by creating a calming environment, and it is also believed to reduce anxiety, boost energy levels, relieve pain, inflammation, and accelerate open wound healing.

Customize Your Outdoor Spa Experience

You can add additional features to your inground spa hot tub to create the best spa experience, fulfilling all of your personal needs. 

  • Bluetooth - Music helps to create the perfect spa ambiance, enhancing relaxation levels. Aquatica’s state-of-the-art integrated Bluetooth Audio system features high-quality sound, weather-resistant pop-up speakers, and an integrated subwoofer. 
  • The Aromatherapy Package - Benefit from calming scents such as Clary Sage, Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender and Chamomile. Aquatica’s Aromatherapy perfume canister diffuses soothing fragrances from specially-infused beads, when the air is blowing.
  • Automatic Electrical Fill and Drainage System - This innovative 2” tandem valve system helps you to quickly fill and drain the underground hot tub’s water, eliminating the need for a garden hose. 
  • Pneumatic Spa Elevator - Add the Pneumatic Elevator to your order to ensure easy and fast access to all the control elements and plumbing components that are usually difficult to reach in underground hot tubs. This eliminates the need for unattractive access panels.

Cost Of An Inground Spa

The cost of an inground hot tub depends on a few factors, including the design, type of material and amount of jets. An inground spa is a big long-term investment, so it is important to buy a spa with durable materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive value for your money. This will help you to avoid spending extra money on repairs, or on purchasing a new inground hot tub shell within just a few years. Inground spa prices also depend on additional features including an infinity edge, integrated audio, or a special drainage system. You should also take other potential installation costs into consideration for your inground spa hot tub, such as decking and a concrete pit. 

How Much Does An Aquatica Inground Hot Tub Cost?

  • Downtown Spa Series
    Aquatica Downtown Built In Spa 04 (web)
    Aquatica outdoor inground hot tub prices start from $13,995 for the Downtown Spa . Compact yet spacious, the Downtown offers a comfortable spa experience with chromotherapy lighting, 32 hydro-massage jets, 18 air massage jets and back massage with Air Assist Turbo Massage (AATM™). 
    If y ou're looking to buy an indoor inground hot tub, you can take a look at the Aquatica Downtown Built-In HydroRelax Pro . Designed for bathrooms, this sleek spa shares the same dimensions and amount of jets as the Downtown outdoor inground hot tub. The price of this inground spa for inside the home is around $12,394. 
  • Vibe Spa Series
    The Vibe is the dream outdoor inground hot tub for spa fans, who are looking for the best underground hot tub for therapy. This is the world’s only hydrotherapy outdoor inground spa with both active and passive therapy seats. It also features 40 whirlpool jets, 24 air massage jets, and chromotherapy led lighting. The Vibe underground hot tub costs around $22,990. 
    If you're looking for an inground spa for sale with an infinity edge, then the Aquatica also offers the Vibe Infinity model. Exuding luxury and sophisticated minimalism, this stunning spa will certainly impress guests with a magical overflow effect with multiple perimeter LED lights, adding the wow factor to any outdoor space. This inground spa price is around $29,990. 

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