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Freestanding Solid Surface Sink - a Perfect Choice for a Modern Bathroom

If you want a modern-looking bathroom, freestanding sinks are what fit the bill. You will get the open feel of a traditional pedestal sink, but with the sleek designs of these new sinks.

Aquatica contemporary freestanding sinks look more like a modern art sculpture than a residential plumbing fixture. Distinguishing features include Aquatica’s AquateX™ solid surface signature silky smooth matte finish, organic colors, and rounded edges.

Are There Other Ways to Refer to Freestanding Sinks?

Originally referred to as pedestal sinks, made of porcelain, these offered a range of styles from very traditional to contemporary. Because the washbasin is installed on top of a pedestal instead of a countertop, this type of bathroom sink is an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms, restaurants, clubs, gyms, hotels, cruise ships, and offices.

Another niche is console sinks that might be freestanding or wall-mounted and supported by console sink legs.

Freestanding sinks fit an important niche in bathroom design –their petite footprints can transform a compact bathroom to feel larger, brighter, and more futuristic.

On the modern side, Aquatica’s innovative designs in AquateX™ solid surface create dramatic freestanding sinks, their sculptural forms lending tremendous visual impact even in the most luxurious bathroom.

Aquatica’s Freestanding Sinks

Made of remarkably durable, lightweight, state-of-the-art solid surface called AquateX™ and featuring modern architectural design, Aquatica’s freestanding sinks offer numerous advantages over other materials such as enameled steel, cast iron, or porcelain.

In addition to superior aesthetics, AquateX™ is also remarkably durable and easy to maintain compared to other sanitaryware materials.

Freestanding Sink Installation

To simplify the installation of our freestanding sinks, Aquatica offers all freestanding sinks with either wall installation or floor installation configuration.

If the wall installation option is selected, we will manufacture the pedestal with an opening on the wall side for your p-trap.

Aquatica is committed to making the process as easy as possible. Please watch our YouTube installation videos and read our installation manuals before proceeding with the installation.

Matching Faucets for Freestanding Sinks

Freestanding sinks have unique bowl shapes with limited rim space; in most cases, wall-mounted or floor-mounted faucets will be required.

Our Proprietary Solid Surface Materials

Our team of global experts developed two ground-breaking proprietary materials through extensive research and development to fulfill the dreams of all interior designers.

Optional BioSan™ Protection Against Viruses & Bacteria

BioSan™ gives extra protection to your wall-mounted wash basin as it is specifically designed to eliminate mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The antimicrobial additive negatively affects bacteria that contaminate the surface. BioSan™ provides peace of mind to homeowners, offices, hospitals, clinics, and other institutions. AquateX™ and NeroX™ are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable stone composite materials, combining a silky-smooth exterior with a tough, durable interior. This material makes our wall-hung washbasins look and feel like natural stone, but they are much lighter and cost less than traditional stone, but at a lower weight and price.

NeroX™ Black Washbasins for Unprecedented Style

Our black wall-hung washbasins are aesthetically individualistic, making them the perfect buy for lovers of distinctive style. NeroX™ (formerly AquateX™ Black) is a blend of Hematite and Boehmite minerals with cutting-edge acrylic modified resins and a high-purity carbon black pigment. All Aquatica® NeroX™ wall-mounted washbasins for sale include the NanoGuard™ anti-graffiti and antimicrobial protection .

NanoGuard™ Protects Against Scratches and Chemicals

NanoGuard™ is a nanotechnology-based sacrificial layer of protection. It makes the surface water repellent and resistant to UV, minor scratches, and harsh chemicals. This protection is a smart choice that is priceless for interior designers ordering washbasins, baths, or lavatories for commercial facilities.

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