Aquatica Product Materials

Luxury Bathroomware Made Of Premium Materials

Aquatica creates luxury bathtubs, hot tubs, sinks, showers and bathroom accessories using only the best materials. Our proprietary materials include AquateX™, an award-winning stone composite solid surface, black NeroX™, Sleek Concrete for industrial appeal and DurateX™ for outdoor tubs. Designed for everyday use, our materials are durable, light-weight, non-porous, and hygienic. Aquatica wooden baths are crafted from LegnoX™, and our acrylic tubs are made from Lucite International UK Acrylic.

Additional Components & Finishes

We offer additional components and finishes to fulfill your personal and design needs.

  • Protection: NanoGuard™ protects against UV, oxidation, stains and scratches.
  • Insulation: Nordic Insulation prevents heat loss, and maximizes energy efficiency.
  • Color: We offer a Colored Finish in any color from the RAL chart to match your bathroom decor.
  • High-Gloss: Our AquateX™ LuX finish featuring a radiant, ultra-polished appearance is perfect for luxury bathrooms.

Bathroom Accessory & Hot Tub Panel Materials

Aquatica offers a selection of bathroom furniture, accessories and hot tub cabinets made of durable and high-quality materials.

  • Wooden Accessories: Available in Teak, American Walnut and Iroko wood, real solid wood combines luxury with a cozy appeal. An iroko oil treatment provides ultimate protection from water damage.
  • Memory Gel Accessories: Made of polyurethane gel, a smooth, colorful and eco-friendly material, Memory Gel accessories are stylish, durable, waterproof, shock resistant, elastic, easy-to-clean and non-toxic.
  • Covers: Covers are made from Lederplast BIOCOTE®, an antimicrobial synthetic leather. Both covers are designed to be fashionable and functionable, providing ultimate protection in all-weather-conditions.
  • Hot Tub Panels: Material options for our hot tub exterior cabinets, include Thermory thermally treated real wood, or moisture-resistant composite material, perfect for yachts and contemporary outdoor spaces beside the sea.