Outdoor Spas / Hot Tubs

Outdoor Spas / Hot Tubs

How To Select The Perfect Hot Tub

Superior Hot Tub Performance In Aesthetically Pleasing Package

We at Aquatica follow the philosophy that more jets do not equal a better hot tub or a better hydromassage experience.

It is the eye-pleasing aesthetics to create the perfect atmosphere, beautiful, durable materials, and the careful placement of the right jets with their optimal mix of air and water flow that delivers the optimal hydromassage experience.

Our superbly designed, spacious, and deep HydroRelax series bathtubs and indoor/outdoor hot tubs such as Pamela, Lacus, Allegra, Purescape 107, Dream, Fusion, Zen and Maya series hydromassage bathtubs and hot tubs have been critically acclaimed by our clients and recognized by consumers and athletes alike.

Luxury Hydromassage Bathtub-Hot Tub Hybrid

Aquatica started its hydromassage bathtub (aka whirlpool tub) and hot tub manufacturing operations after more than 15 years of importing, distributing, servicing, and rebuilding other supplier products. We have had the opportunity to see and work with products from a dozen different manufacturers, each one with their own set of problems and shortcomings in the process, making us among one of the most competent manufacturers of bespoke hot tubs and whirlpool tubs.

Our long-term commitment and dedication to design and engineering have resulted in a highly competent and experienced industrial design and engineering team. In-house engineering and industrial design capabilities have been vital in creating innovative, high-quality bespoke hot tubs and jetted tubs.

The result of this endeavor is a line of a luxury hot tub–whirlpool bathtub line of hybrid products that combine a clean, modern look without any protruding jets, uncompromised hydromassage performance, high-class visual appeal, well-tested user comfort, modern electronics and durability for years of maintenance-free use and high energy efficiency.

The key feature of this new hybrid group of products is the flexibility of use. Depending on your personal preferences, you can order the same tub as a bathtub (without any filtration system so it could be used with soaps and shampoos) or as an outdoor hot tub with filtration system added.

Hot Tubs For Enjoying Family Time And Entertaining

Our hot tubs and jetted tubs have been designed to enjoy time with family or to impress and entertain friends both indoors and outdoors. Our aesthetically pleasing design and feature reach functionality create a magical atmosphere intended for absolute relaxation and memorable time.

Benefits Of Using Hot Tubs For Hydromassage

Medical research supports the use of hot tub hydrotherapy for the treatment of stress, lower back pain, sleeplessness, post-exercise recovery, restless leg syndrome, leg cramps, and arthritis.

Effective Outdoor Hot Tub Water Treatment

Sophisticated yet simple, our hot tub water disinfection system is designed for ease of use and exceptional performance. Utilizing Advanced Oxidation Process (“AOP”) technology with integrated ozone and UV disinfection process makes it easy to maintain clean and clear water with minimal need for bromine. When Ozone reacts with UV-C, it transforms into highly reactive oxidizers called Hydroxyl Radicals.

AOP oxidizes and sanitizes, killing 99.9% of harmful contaminants in hot tub water. It also clarifies the hot tub water by acting as a micro-flocculent (clumps things together), effectively “polishing” the spa water.

  • Destroys 99.9% of harmful contaminants
  • Oxidizes cryptosporidium parvum, giardia, and other chlorine-resistant microorganisms
  • Reduces bromine demand
  • Increases effectiveness of residual sanitizers
  • Eliminates chemical odors, irritation, and damage to hot tub systems

Pricing And Availability Of Aquatica Hot Tubs

We believe in transparent pricing, great customer service and easy buying experience, that is why we have decided to make all our whirlpool tubs and hot tubs, even the most exclusive ones, available directly from our WEB store. Please email, call, or chat with us – our knowledgeable sales consultants are online 18x7 and ready to help you with any questions that you might have, be it configuration, technical questions, optional items or pricing.