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A Luxury Line of Outdoor Showers for Sale

Featuring a Mediterranean style with high-quality 316L stainless steel construction, the Aquatica Gamma line of outdoor showers are a perfect choice for swimming pools, hot tubs, gardens, private beach clubs, outdoor gyms and yachts.

The Gamma line of outside showers is an object of sleek design, characterized by its linear and straightforward geometric lines, a pure example of the fusion of functionality, form, and aesthetic elegance. These gorgeous Aquatica Gamma outdoor showers are constructed from a single monobloc stainless steel tube with an integrated linear showerhead as well as being equipped with progressive mixing shower valves. Our Gamma line of outdoor showers comes complete with an in-ground mounting system, water supply connections, and winter water draining system.

What could possibly be a better way to get rid of pool chemicals or salty seawater than a quick freshwater outdoor shower installed next to a pool or a beach?

Aquatica offers you the perfect option that not only fits your outdoor space but also adorns it with a modern touch. For instance – take a look at our modern Gamma 514/515 outdoor shower. It’s a beautiful, natural brushed stainless-steel body and slim design being only 60 millimeters (2.3”) in diameter and is as aesthetic as it is safe, functional, mountable on the ground, and features an underground water supply system with an integrated winter draining system. It is laconically simple by design yet incredibly practical and rewarding in everyday use. The Gamma line of outside showers are the perfect buy for any luxury outside garden and pool setting.

Why buy an outdoor shower for your home?

Whether you use your outdoor shower for cooling off in a hot summer day, washing off after gardening, after an intense outdoor workout, washing your dog, washing your kids o rinsing off the pool water after a swim -  outdoor showers are a fantastic investment that will improve the quality of your everyday life and give a luxury beach-like feel to your home.

What type of draining is required for outdoor showers?

In most cases, outdoor showers can be simply drained into the ground. However, in some rare cases, there are specific local codes that might require that you route all wastewater into the sewer system, which might complicate things for the installation of outside showers.

Opting for a dry well, filled with gravel can be placed underneath the shower floor to help disperse the flow and direct it into a landscaped area with trees and plants that can absorb the water, creating a more eco-friendly option.

Considerations to take into account when you plan to buy a luxury outdoor shower

  • check in with your contractor or local plumber regarding draining options;
  • weigh your options on draining choices for your modern outdoor shower;
  • consider installing an eco-friendly dry well option.

Scald protection for hot water outdoor showers

If you enjoy warm showers outdoors, you can hook up a modern outdoor shower the same way you would install an indoor one. If this is the case, we recommend adding a progressive mixing valve or a thermostatic pressure-balance valve to prevent scalding.

Freezing protection for outdoor showers

In areas with sub freezing winter temperatures, the ability to drain the pipes before the temperature drops can be your number one concern, as the water trapped inside can freeze and crack the plumbing components and pipes of outside showers. 
Steps to take when you intend to store your shower for the winter:

the shutoff valves must be located in the house and before the shower;
pipes should be travelling on a downward slope;
once the water supply is shut off, the pipes can be emptied with a shop vacuum.

Types of modern outside showers

Aquatica’s Gamma range of outdoor showers will give you so much choice in terms of the kinds of outside showers you can buy from our online store for your modern garden setting. The Gamma outdoor shower range that Aquatica delivers are corrosion resistant made from Marine Grade 316L stainless steel, leaving you with the peace of mind that you will have a durable and weather resistant shower, lasting for years to come. Below, is a compiled list of all the outdoor showers that you can purchase from the Gamma range at Aquatica:

  • Aquatica Gamma-511 Freestanding Outdoor Shower
  • Aquatica Gamma-514 Freestanding Outdoor Shower
  • Aquatica Gamma-524 Freestanding Outdoor Shower
  • Aquatica Gamma-510 Freestanding Outdoor Shower
  • Aquatica Gamma-515 Freestanding Outdoor Shower
  • Aquatica Gamma-520 Freestanding Outdoor Shower
  • Aquatica Gamma-509 Freestanding Outdoor Shower
  • Aquatica Gamma-527 Freestanding Outdoor Shower

Why buy your outside shower from Aqutica?

One of the many benefits of buying an outdoor shower from Aquatica is that you’re not just buying a product, you’re buying an entire experience. Our dedicated team is highly qualified and trained to know every single aspect about all of our products and we make it our mission to help and assist our customers from the very first contact to the final installation. We even support our customers with the delivery and making sure there are no issues along the way. Here at Aquatica we have also made it a priority that our product packaging is strong, sturdy and safe, so that your outdoor shower arrives in perfect condition. 

  • Top of the range, high quality materials;
  • Practical yet beautiful and modern designs;
  • Highly trained and experienced advisors;
  • Efficient and fully supported doorstep delivery;
  • Flare rate shipping and the assurance of 30 day returns;
  • No need for a middleman! Aquatica is a vertically integrated company, we manufacture, distribute and retail all of our own innovative products.

Why not take the time and explore Aquatica’s online store further, we’re certain there will be something that matches your style exactly. We even have a range of outdoor pool furniture which may be the perfect fit for your outside shower and pool area!

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