Aquatica American walnut wood material sample
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Aquatica's Wooden Bathtubs - Long-Lasting Luxury

Legnox bath

What is LegnoX™?

Legnox material

LegnoX™ is Aquatica’s formulated resin impregnated natural wood preparation and manufacturing system used to craft our solid wood bathtubs. LegnoX™ has been developed in a close cooperation with a market leader in this field. Wooden baths are time proven and could last for a decade or longer if properly maintained.

Luxury Wooden Bathtubs

Natural wooden bathtub craftmanship is a long-lasting tradition in many cultures around the world, and feature exotic design that speaks of ingenuity, luxury, warmth, and coziness. Eastern cultures see bathtubs as a tool for relaxation and spiritual peace. Our desire for relaxing experience brought us to creating one-of-a-kind wooden bathtubs and stunning beauty for your home. Constructed from the finest natural woods, we have fascinating wooden tubs with sophisticated design, unmatched durability and longevity.

In the modern world, wooden bathtubs are often made of types of Cedar. Designers at Aquatica wanted to bring you closer to Eastern tradition, therefore you can order our wooden bathtubs in 6 species that are most suitable for wooden bathtub manufacturing: American Walnut, Padauk, Sapele, Oak, Ash and Maple.

Why Wood?

Legnox bath

Wooden tubs are the height of luxury, aesthetically pleasing with a genuine, natural feel. The organic look and feel of natural wood and its superior ability to keep heat longer means that your bath water will stay warm longer.

Aquatica's selection of natural, solid wood bathtubs provides a beautiful warm look and feel, adding a touch of natural elegance to your bathroom.

Long-Lasting Luxury

To preserve the natural beauty, texture, and color of wood, and protect the wooden bathtub from water damage, we use a proprietary resin impregnation technique borrowed from traditional wooden boat building. Our wooden bathtubs are fully waterproof featuring the highest mechanical and chemical resistance, guaranteed to meet and exceed your highest expectations for years to come.

Aquatica crafts our natural wood bathtubs with utmost care and precision in a factory, using the latest technological achievements: high-tech resins, advanced design software, modern tools and adapted high-tech solutions combined with a traditional lathe and hand sandpaper. We fabricate each piece by hand to perfection with the very best materials, drawing on Western and Eastern traditions of craftsmanship.

Aquatica's Design

Natural beauty and uniqueness are two of the major factor Wooden Bathtubs offer. If you are looking to build up a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home, you are in the right place. Our Wooden Bathtub collection is naturally warm, silky smooth, deeply satisfying and endlessly varied. Aquatica's designers build bathtubs to be easy to own and maintain, they build bathtubs to last!

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