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Introduction To Extra-Large Bathtub Shopping It is usually accepted that the standard bathtub length is up to 71” (~1800mm), and width is up to 32” (~815mm).

Extra-Large Bathtubs Redefined

April 27, 2020

Introduction To Extra-Large Bathtub Shopping

It is usually accepted that the standard bathtub length is up to 71” (~1800mm), and width is up to 32” (~815mm).

Large tubs would generally be considered models with lengths exceeding 71” and width exceeding 32” or round bathtubs with a diameter exceeding 63” (1600mm).

Aquatica Purescape 107 Wht HydroRelax Jetted Bathtub 220 240V 50 60Hz USA International 02 (web)
74.5” L x 35.5” W Aquatica Purescape™ 107 HydroRelax – an excellent example of a large, comfortable and technologically advanced tub

The extra-large tub segment is a niche segment with bathtub models that exceed 70” in length and 60” in width.

With dimensions exceeding 70"x60” and featuring every possible bell and whistle, our extra-large and extra-wide indoor and outdoor freestanding and built-in composite bathtubs are designed to provide bathing in opulence, enjoy time with family or entertain friends. 

Lacus Wht Drop In Acrylic Bathtub 05 (web)
70” L x 70” W Aquatica Lacus Extra-Large Tub
Aquatica allegra wht spa jetted bathtub usa web 04
74.75” L x 74.75” W Aquatica Allegra-Wht Freestanding HydroRelax Pro Jetted Extra-Large Tub
Aquatica pamela wht spa jetted bathtub web 22
68” L x 68” W Aquatica Pamela-Wht HydroRelax Pro Jetted Extra-Large Tub

Few Words About Extra-Wide Bathtubs

Similar to standard bathtubs, extra-wide tubs come in different shapes, designs, and materials. 

A tub is considered to be extra-wide if its width exceeds 60”, or if it is a round tub, the diameter should exceed 57” (1450mm). 

You will find a wide range of extra-wide bathtubs on our site - from our spectacular freestanding stone resin tubs to very wide, deep spa-style tubs made of our lightweight DurateX™ and complete with state of the art whirlpool system and many other features like Bluetooth sound system

Your choice should not only be based on aesthetics but on the actual feel of the tub, too - use our 3D seating application to ensure that the selected shape and size meet your expectations for comfort and ergonomics.

What Extra-Wide Bathtub Designs Are There?

Aquatica offers a variety of extra-wide bathtub designs – from very short to very large.  Here are some options to consider.

Purescape 503 Large Oval Stone Bathtub web (2)
70.75” L x 37.5” W Aquatica Karolina 2 Extra-Wide Freestanding Bathtub
Aquatica Trinity Wht Freestanding Light Weight Stone Bathtub 05 (web)
67.75” L x 59” W Aquatica Trinity Extra-Wide Freestanding Bathtub

How Big Should Be a Bathtub For a Comfortable Two-Person Bathing Experience?

Made of state-of-the-art AquateX™ solid surface, Aquatica Lillian is the ultimate two-person bathtub with superb ergonomics that was designed to provide full-body immersion experience for two adult bathers.

Aquatica purescape 171 freestanding solid surface bathtub 03 (web)
72” L x 39.25” W Aquatica Lillian freestanding Extra-Wide Bathtub

What Is The Largest Bathtub You Can Buy?

With its enormous size of 90.5” L x 70.75” W, and an almost endless variety of configurations with every imaginative bell and whistle, it is hard to beat the Aquatica Fusion Cube.

Material: DurateX™

Depth to overflow drain: 17.75”

Product weight: 463 lbs

Fusion Cube outdoor hydromassage bathtub 03 (web)
90.5” L x 70.75” W Aquatica Fusion Cube – One Of The Largest Bathtubs In The Market

Shop Aquatica’s extensive collection of extra-large freestanding, built-in, and corner bathtubs available in white, black, and concrete colors .

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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