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Have you ever wrestled with the question of how to make the most of the limited space in your home?

Use a corner bath for the rational use of space in the bathroom

January 16, 2015

Have you ever wrestled with the question of how to make the most of the limited space in your home? If you have a small bathroom, this can be a particularly tough issue to chew on during a remodeling project. When upgrading a small bathroom, corner jetted bathtubs can be a real lifesaver. Not only do they add a touch of luxury to your washroom, but they also make the best use of your small space.

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Benefits of Corner Jetted Tubs

Corner jetted bathtubs are a great option for a bathroom makeover, no matter the size of your bathroom. However, they're very well suited for smaller spaces since they don't take up much room.  They don't require a lot of wall space like traditional tubs do.

Jetted stone tubs are also aesthetically appealing with their thoughtful design and elegant finishing. You can also use the space you've freed up in the bathroom for a shower enclosure or extra bathroom storage.  Also, not placing your tub in the center of the bathroom will free up more space for bathroom traffic. Corner jetted bathtubs allow you to be more flexible with your bathroom space.

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Relax in Comfort With Corner Jetted Bathtubs

Corner jetted stone tubs can be as large or small as you like. The deep design allows for comfortable immersion, and many designs also have padded arm and headrests. The decks of corner jetted tubs also allow you to conveniently store your toiletries so that they're always within arm's reach.

Design Choices For Corner Jetted Tubs

Corner jetted tubs come in a variety of designs and styles. Corner jetted tubs with a thin rim are more contemporary, while thick rims boast a more ornate style. The layout of your bathroom-including the location of your sink and vanity-will determine where you can place your new tub. Whether contemporary or ornate, the style of your tub should match the decor of your bathroom. When preparing for installation, make careful measurements, allowing for space for a deck or surround.

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Increase the Value of Your Home

According to DIY Network, upgrading your bathroom is one of the most profitable renovations you can make to your home. Since the bathroom is one of the most used areas of the house, this renovation can increase your home's value by thousands of dollars. This is a great reason to consider jetted stone bathtubs during a remodel. It's a practical way to add real value to your home.

Corner jetted tubs are a great choice for those who have a small space to work with, yet want to add a dose of luxury to their bathroom. It's an investment in both yourself and your bathroom that won't tax your limited space. We have a great selection of corner jetted stone bathtubs available on our website.

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