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Trying to find the right bathroom sink can be overwhelming and stressful. There are so many different types of bathroom sinks for sale online, and browsing through many websites can be extremely time-consuming and confusing.

How To Choose The Right Bathroom Sink?

June 16, 2021

Trying to find the right bathroom sink can be overwhelming and stressful. There are so many different types of bathroom sinks for sale online, and browsing through many websites can be extremely time-consuming and confusing. Aquatica’s one-stop online shop with inhouse developed luxury bathroom sinks makes the shopping experience straightforward and stress free. Follow these simple steps to help you choose the right sink for your beautiful bathroom.  

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Assess Your Space & Measure The Countertop

Before falling in love with a picture of a beautiful sink you saw online, you need to understand your space and practical needs. If you are replacing your current sink, then you should first examine your bathroom plan, existing plumbing and assess your available space. All you need to do is measure the length, width, and depth of your existing sink and choose a new sink with the same measurements. 

If you would like to try a new style, then simply measure the length and width of your vanity’s existing cutout, along with the depth of your current sink. You need to select a new bathroom sink that is not longer, wider or deeper than your measurements.

If you are designing a bathroom from scratch then you need to choose an installation type based on your overall space and design aspirations. If you would like to install a wall mounted sink , then your floor plan and plumbing needs will determine the size and location for the sink. 


If you are thinking about installing a vessel sink, your countertop space will determine the size. Measure the front of the vanity to the back of the wall, to figure out its depth. Then measure across the top of the vanity’s surface to find out the length. It is important that you leave at least four to six inches of space on each side to have some room for bathroom essentials such as soap. 

Select An Installation Type To Suit Your Bathroom Space

Decide whether a vessel sink, wall mounted sink or freestanding sink would suit your bathroom space, style and practical needs best. 

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are free-standing wash basins that sit on a vanity or piece of furniture. Originally called bowl sinks, vessel sinks are renowned for their luxurious appeal. Extremely elegant and versatile, vessel sinks create a stunning focal point to match any bathroom decor. Easy to install, vessel sinks fit on almost any bathroom vanity. A stylish yet sensible choice, vessel sinks take up very little counter space, making them a great choice for beautiful minimalist style bathrooms. Aquatica offers an extensive selection of exclusive vessel sinks in all different styles, shapes, sizes and colours. 


Wall Mounted Sinks

Wall mounted sinks are installed directly onto the wall. Aquaticas exclusive Millenium wall mounted sink vanity combo offers a simple sophisticated solution to bathroom space and storage issues. This floating washbasin-vanity combo is perfect for all bathroom sizes. It can make even the smallest of bathrooms appear bigger. Wall mounted vanities can be installed at any height, to accommodate shorter and taller users.


Freestanding Sinks

Freestanding sinks do not take up much space and are great for narrow rooms. The Aquatica Solo Freestanding Lavatory is a one-of-a kind sink, featuring a luxury and avante-garde appeal. This truly unique sink features an usual asymmetrical and angled rim. It creates a bold bathroom style with a distinctive character.

Aquatica Solo Freestanding Solid Surface Lavatory 01 (web)

Find A Durable Material To Suit Your Design & Practical Needs

Now it is time to choose the best type of material for your bathroom sink to match your design vision and fulfill your everyday needs. Buying a bathroom sink should be considered a long term investment. Choosing a durable and easy to clean material will save you a lot of time, hassle, unnecessary repair and maintenance costs in the long run. Aquatica offers a wide variety of bathroom sinks to buy online in different materials including award-winning AquateX™ , high-gloss AquateX™ Lux , black NeroX™ and ceramic. 

Aquatica heavily invested in research and development to invent the best material for bathroom sinks. There are a wide array of materials on the market, but solid surface is the best option for everyday high performance for luxury homes and commercial facilities. Solid surface combines great aesthetics with practicality, as it features a seamless design, while at the same time, it is extremely durable and easy to clean.

Benefits of Aquatica’s Inhouse Developed Materials

  • Developed at our European factory
  • High-quality stone composite solid surface
  • Silky smooth premium texture
  • Durable & long lasting
  • Hygienic & easy to clean
  • A lighter alternative to stone 
  • Resistant to UV, blushing and fire
  • Non-toxic & hypoallergenic
  • Eco-friendly & 100% recyclable 

What is AquateX™?

AquateX™ is an award-winning stone composite solid surface. Featuring a silky smooth matte surface, it is soft to touch and features a beautiful seamless design. AquateX™ Lux is an ultra-polished, high-gloss version of this material. 

What is NeroX™?

NeroX™ is a beautiful black proprietary solid surface composite material. This exquisite material can enhance a bathroom’s glamorous appeal and provide the wow factor. All sinks made of NeroX™ include the NanoGuard™ protection , making the surface water-repellent, resistant to UV, minor scratches and harsh chemicals.

Choose A Shape & Color To Match Your Style

After choosing the installation type and material, you can now explore a wide array of shapes, styles and colors based on your required size. The height of the basin should be based on your design and practical needs. Low basins offer easy access, making them child friendly, while taller basins are a more fashionable choice for master bathrooms or high-end commercial restrooms. 


Oval sinks are a popular choice for luxury homes, due to their classic and safe style. The white Aurora oval bathroom sink perfectly combines classic and contemporary styles, making it a classic yet trendy design choice.

Aquatica Aurora Wht Oval Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink 06 1 (web)


Perfect for both modern homes and scandinavian decor, rectangular sinks feature sleek lines and stylish aesthetics. The Solace Rectangular Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink is a great example of this shape and style. 

Aquatica Solace B Wht Rectangular Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink 03 (web)


Featuring a timeless design, round sinks are easy to clean and provide an elegant element to your decor. The white Metamorfosi Ceramic Vessel Sink is an excellent example of a round bathroom sink, which enhances a bathroom’s upmarket appeal.

Aurora wht round stone bathroom vessel sink 01 (web)


Unique sinks offer a myriad of creative design opportunities, providing an unforgettable focal point to complete the bathroom’s character. The black asymmetrical Nanomorph™ is the best example of a unique sink with a quirky style. 

Aquatica Nanomorph Blck Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink 01 1 (web)

Colors & Metal Coatings

Once you have decided on a shape, you can select a colour to match your overall design and personality. Black offers a sophisticated style, while white is the most popular and classic choice. Even though other colors are less timeless, and depend on trends and your specific bathroom design, vessel sinks in colours such as red , blue or green look truly stunning. You can choose any color from the RAL color chart, or choose a MetalX™ surface coating to create an artistic masterpiece in gold, brass, bronze, stainless steel, copper and titanium. 


Choose A Fashionable Faucet To Compliment Your Sink

Select a compatible faucet to match the sink and fulfill your needs. Make sure there is enough space between the faucet and the sink. We recommend a minimum of 6 inches. Aquatica offers a wide range of faucets and taps to perfectly compliment your vessel sink in trendy styles and colours, including chrome, black, polished rose gold and yellow gold.

Bollicine 228 Sink Faucet Chrome by Aquatica (web) 01

Vessel Sink Faucets

Choose a faucet to match the height of your vessel sink, which provides enough space for washing your hands. The Aquatica Bollicine exemplifies fine Italian design with a single mount, waterfall style. It is one of the best types of taps for taller vessel sinks.

Wall Mounted Faucets

Featuring a contemporary and minimalist style, a wall-mounted tap is installed onto the wall behind the sink, and extends over the sink. Take a look at the Aquatica Celine-242 Wall Mounted Sink Faucet . This trendy tap enhances a bathroom’s upscale appeal with its elite style.

Aquatica Celine 242 Wall Mounted Sink Faucet Black 02 (web)

Freestanding Faucets

Freestanding faucets are independent floor mounted taps, which accompany freestanding sinks. The striking Lorena Floor Mounted progessive faucet is a great example of this type of tap. 

Deck Mounted Faucets

Deck-mounted faucets can be installed directly onto the sink or countertop, if the basin or vanity has been equipped with a tap hole. This beautiful solid brass Lorena 3.25" 3-Hole Mounted Sink Faucet is a great example of a deck mounted faucet. It provides the best simplicity and seamless design needed to perfectly compliment your sink.  

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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