Complete Your Bathing Experience with Aquatica's Perfect Memory Foam Headrests

Aquatica designs and crafts their unique headrests from a Memory Gel which is hand-made in Italy.

Memory Gel

Unique Memory Gel Headrests

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Acutica designs and crafts their unique headrests from a Momory Gel which is jand-made in Italy. By using a leading edge polyurethane gel, which gives the headrest its 'shape momory' our headrests are some of the most comfortable and natural feeling.

Crafted and moulded into many different shapes and sizes, which are compatible with bathtubs than have a thicker lip or edge, or more narrow lips.

Not only is the momory foam that we have created, durable, resistant, and elastic, but is also completely non-toxic.

These modern headrests don't require any adhesives to stick, and adhere flawlessly to any stone or acrylic bathtub. Both comfortable and soft, our headrests will not break and preserve their temperature longer than other textiles.

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