Aquatica's Relax & Relax Pro Series Air Massage Bathtubs

Aquatica created one of the first solid surface air-massage bathtubs on the market, featuring different air-massage pressure modes and a calming chromotherapy system.

Aquatica's Air Relax bathtubs gently deliver thousands of warm air bubbles, with mood enhancing LED chromotherapy lighting, providing a relaxing home spa experience.

Aquatica's world-class product engineering ensures that our air massage bathtubs are built to last a lifetime.
air system table

Aquatica's Air Massage Tubs Feature The Following Functions:

air system feature1
A state-of-the-art capacitive glass keypad features a simple to operate user interface, allowing bathers to easily control all functions, including air-massage, chromotherapy and water temperature systems. The keypad’s modern and minimalist LED-lit appearance, provides an upscale appeal, ensuring a first class home spa experience.
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Aquatica’s Relax and Relax Pro bathtubs feature a wide array of different modern and stylish designs with aesthetically appealing, low-profile air nozzles and jets. All tubs in this special series include high-quality stainless steel brass plated nozzles and jets. You can also modify your product purchase by selecting Aged Gold Air Jets for a truly glamorous appeal.
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Designed to provide the most relaxing soak, all of Aquatica's air-jetted bathtubs feature over 16 low-profile air jets and up to 40 low-profile LED Lights. The chromotherapy lights can be set in a slow rotation or fixed color mode to soothe the body and enhance energy levels. Each color in the program has different characteristics, and bathers can select a specific light show to suit their mood.
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Aquatica’s concealed underwater chromotherapy system provides an unparalleled light therapy effect, to balance and harmonise the body. Chromotherapy offers many important health benefits, such as reducing stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and accelerating open wound healing. The chromotherapy color palette features all seven rainbow hues, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white.
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Lie back and relax, while thousands of warm air bubbles gently caress and massage your entire body. Air Relax bathtubs are equipped with at least sixteen low-profile air jets with different speed options, allowing you to completely control your relaxing underwater air massage experience. Air massage technology offers numerous benefits for both mental and physical health, offering you the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive healing treatment in your own bathroom, without having to visit a spa.
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Our Relax bathtubs are equipped with an innovative ozone purification system, ensuring a safer, healthier and more enjoyable bathing experience. Ozone water treatment disinfects water approximately three times faster than chlorination, rapidly eliminating all known bacterias, viruses and yeast.
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Our Relax series air massage bathtubs are equipped with an automatic purge cycle. This activates the blower 30-45 minutes after draining and blows any leftover water from the system, making sure the tub is completely sanitized and ready for the next use.

Relax System Layout & Control

  1. Compressor/blower With Electronic Control Box
  2. Air Jets
  3. LED Controller
  4. Digital Control Panel
  5. Mini-manifold (Compressed Air Distribution Box)
  6. PVC Air Hoses
  7. LED Lenses
  8. LED Lights

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