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When the color black is used well and blended in with the color gold, it’s almost as if something magical happens and suddenly your bathroom becomes one of the most decorative and elegant rooms in your home.

5 Gorgeous Ways to Incorporate Black and Gold into Your Bathroom

April 21, 2016

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The color black can be a very difficult color to use in large amounts throughout your house, without coming across as a full-blown Goth, which is probably why it isn’t a main color choice for most people’s homes, not to mention bathrooms! However, when the color black is used well, and blended in with the color gold, it’s almost as if something magical happens and suddenly your bathroom becomes one of the most decorative and elegant rooms in your home. We absolutely love the combination of Black and Gold and have decided to show you exactly how you can generously use both colors in your bathroom and make it look, bold, striking and glowing with confidence and pizzazz.

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1.      Bold and Brave!

With black floor tiles and black painted walls, you can easily create a very handsome looking bathroom, dark, sure, but handsome, definitely. Making this heavily dark background work can be an easy task, by adding in vintage elements. Use an antique and gold set of bathroom finishes, taps, handles and handlebars, and by making sure that your bathtub is not the brightest white , but more of a cream color can also soften the contrast of the dark black. Adding in chic bathroom accessories that have touches of gold in them will help keep your bathroom from looking somber or dull!

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2.      The Lighter Dark Approach

So, if the previous bathroom, was just a tad bit too dark for your liking or taste, why not try a lighter approach. By painting only, the upper portion above the bathtub black , and finishing it in gold trimmings, you get to leave the rest of the bathroom, still fairly light and white. However, that impactful drama that you’re looking for is still there with the dark upper walls. A massive window in the middle of the upper half of the wall, (painted black) would be the perfect softener to this, as it will bring in so much natural light. Again, Gold trimmings mixed into noticeable spaces in your bathroom are the perfect combination to give it that alluring mix of swag and darkness.

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3.      Natural and Artificial Light

Black can usually suck out all the light in a single space, like no other color, so when going for a black and gold bathroom, try to remember all the different ways that you can inject brightness into your bathroom, by using either natural or artificial lighting. By adding in layers of lights, you will create so much more brightness, and with a gold footed bathtub, or actual golden bath, you will have the light reflecting off of the gold surfaces, creating even more light to your dark but super glamour bathroom.

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4.      Steampunk Black and Gold

Goth and darkness may not be your thing, but a Steampunk themed bathroom is a whole different ball game, and can be very easy to create, which will give your bathroom and an enormous boost in style! By choosing a small and simple set of black tiles for the lowest bottom half of the wall, and a Victorian styled wallpaper, with a black background for the rest of the wall, you’ll add that sense of Steampunk allure. Use a Victorian styled bathtub for a traditional Steampunk bathroom or a Stone Bathtub for a more modern Steampunk bathroom version. Open face pipes in the gold finish are the perfect addition to this bathroom and will help bring out all the gold in the wallpaper.

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5.      It’s all in the Details

Making sure to deliver exactly what you’re wanting to get across can be hard sometimes, but it’s simple –  it’s in the details! We’ve all heard about making a big difference with small details, well, that advice is perfect for a project like this. By using White as your main element color, and black as the second color, all you’ll really need to do is add one, very striking, bold and gold tap fixture, visible from where it comes out of the wall, all the way to where the water flows out of it. Using a gold tap like this makes it the center of attention in your bathroom, zoning the darkness of the blackout, ever so slightly, making it blend in beautifully. Have the white tiles laid with black grout, and paint the trimmings on the shower and bath black. The entire ensemble of this White, Black and Gold bathroom will come together gorgeously.

Loren%205 Hole%20Deck%20Mounted%20Bath%20Filler%2002%20(web)

Planning a bathroom, small shower room, or powder room with the colors black and gold can seem like a daunting and challenging task, but in reality, the tools, accessories and fixtures are all available at the tips of your fingers. All that’s really needed, is a spark of inspiration and creativity, allowing you to build, construct and put together the bathroom of your dreams simply and easily.


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