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Nothing says luxury quite like a hot tub. The mere thought of sinking into that relaxing hot water, skin caressed by jets of warm bubbles that refresh tired muscles and revitalize the mind and body, is enough to start the process of unwinding. So just what is a hot tub, how does it work and how does it differ from a jetted or whirlpool bathtub?

Luxury Hot Tubs

January 16, 2018

What is a hot tub? 

First of all, let’s clear up any confusion by saying that these days the words spa and hot tub refer to the same thing. They tend to be used interchangeably. 

A hot tub is a large tub or small pool filled with hot water, with built-in jetted water systems for relaxation, massage, pleasure and entertainment. It is usually large enough to It will generally be installed outdoors, either inground or built into a raised platform. Some hot tubs are designed to be free-standing in the style of the classic wooden hot tubs of the 60s and 70s. 

A hot tub incorporates its own internal water heating system. 

By contrast, a jetted bathtub or whirlpool  is made for bathroom use, therefore indoor installation. It may be large enough to accommodate two bathers but usually not a whole group and does not always have its own heating system. It is emptied after every use.

Lacus Wht Spa Drop In Jetted Bathtub 230V 50 60Hz USA International 01

How does hot tub work?

The word spa originally referred to a place or location which had mineral-rich spring water considered to have health-giving properties. The modern-day development of this concept is the at-home hot tub which recreates the effect of a hot mineral spring with built-in jets to provide the hydrotherapy and massage . These can be air jets or hydro jets depending on the make of hot tub. In good quality hot tubs , the use of the jet systems and the degree of pressure are all controlled by the user as they desire.

Fusion%20Ovatus%20outdoor%20hydromassage%20bathtub%2003 (web)

How does hydrotherapy work?

Air jets deliver streams of bubbles from multiple outlets around the hot tub interior to provide an all-over relaxing massage that is generally quite soft and caressing. Hydro or water jets are usually more powerful and more focused, to work their magic on specific muscle areas of the body. Again, high-end hot tubs will include multiple types of hydromassage and electronic finger touch controls to achieve totally personalized water massage therapy .

For example, a luxury hot tub like the Aquatica Wave Spa includes both air jets and microjets to give you the ultimate hot tub experience. Here the hydrotherapy system is concealed into the walls of the spa and delivers the soothing, relaxing and refreshing effects of the two types of jets in combination with a further chromotherapy system which uses the balancing harmony of colored lights. 


Which hot tub is the best?

The answer to this depends on a number of factors which you must consider before choosing your hot tub.

Quality of mechanics

A hot tub has many working parts - the filter, pumps, hydrotherapy controls. Higher priced options generally ensure a hot tub that continues to work trouble-free for many years, supported by a good warranty period. Aquatica uses only high-grade multi-bed swimming pool sand filtration systems in the majority of its spas.

Quality of manufacture should also be reflected in the materials used, as some will last a great deal longer than others. Aquatica uses only high-grade Acrylic for its hot tub manufacturer. 

Aspects such as thickness and layers of insulation should all be checked out to ensure you get the hot tub that best suits your lifestyle.

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Intended Use

The second factor to consider is how you intend to use your hot tub. If you plan to jump in it every night when you get home from work to relieve tired muscles, the quality is critical to ensure long-life and operation. 

Perhaps you want a hot tub for entertainment purposes, maybe invite your friends around every weekend to sit in the spa and watch sports. Here, the size of the spa needs to be considered as well as the water care and cleansing systems.  

Maybe you only want a small hot tub for the tow of you…or a generous model to fit the whole extended family.

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Type of Therapy

The third factor which will have bearing on your choice of the hot tub is the type of hydrotherapy you want. At the more basic end, you will enjoy water jets that bubble and soothe. In a more luxury high-end hot tub, you will enjoy the choice of factors such as the number of jets, types of therapy, levels of control and customizable programs of massage. Additional features such as light and color chromotherapy and Bluetooth sound all add up to an increasingly opulent hot tub experience .

Should I buy a more expensive hot tub?

Not surprisingly, after reading all that, you will be asking is it worth paying more for your hot tub and do you really get more for your money?

At Aquatica, the answer is a big Yes. Because when you opt for one of our more expensive models such as our Fusion series, you really do achieve the ultimate in luxurious spa bathing.  And receive a whole lot of ‘extras’ that come standard with the price, which makes each of our hot tubs superb value for money.

Fusion Cube outdoor hydromassage bathtub 02 (web)

Our Exclusive Fusion Cube

Take our Fusion Cube Hydrorelax Spa as an example of the luxury and opulence that you can achieve by opting for the higher priced, highest quality spa. This model features a stunning infinity-style rim which is designed to overflow continuously while heating the water in the process, enhanced by the LED rim lighting which makes the water sparkle.  

Fusion has a minimalistic, multi-jetted, air-assisted hydromassage system concealed within a thin inside cavity for a truly pleasurable massage, together with the concealed chromotherapy system to further relax and harmonize the body. 

Temperature and water flow are all controlled by the modern capacitive glass keypad, and the whole experience is completed by a superb high fidelity blue-tooth audio system. 

best air jeted chromotherapy massage hot tub

Dual action dual ozone and UV-C water sanitizing ensure maximum water clarity and cleanliness. When I the hot tub is in use, this innovative solution significantly reduces residual chlorine or bromine consumption for a more enjoyable spa experience. 

Fusion even has a built-in antifreeze protection.

An Investment in Indulgence

Now that you are close to making your decision, remember a hot tub is an investment. It will become a very pleasurable, relaxing and even sociable part of your lifestyle where you and family or friends enjoy private time in which to connect and share your enjoyment.

In many ways, it will be beneficial as a way of ridding the stress, aches, and pains from your day. If it is installed inground it could also become a valuable feature of your home that may enhance its resale value should you move on.

Consider carefully all the aspects we have raised such as intended use, a number of people, quality of manufacture, type of therapy, then make an informed choice and relax in your new hot tub.

We hope you have found this article helpful to make your bathroom your own little haven
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